Member Dues

In an effort to improve our efforts at supporting the Los Angeles Galaxy while also providing the best possible experience for all members, we will be collecting membership dues once a year.

The cost is broken down into two primary categories:
  • $10.00 per individual --- this includes 1 Galaxians shirt.
  • $15.00 per family of four --- this includes 2 Galaxians.
      * Additional shirts can be purchased for $10.00

Payments can be made in person to a group treasurer or via this website.

If using this website, select the appropriate option in the menu below. Also, include your full name and/or those within your family. Our goal is to maintain a record of all members so that we can better reach you and notify you of all the great things that we will be doing this year!

Thanks for your support!!!

Payment Options
Include your name/family name:

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