Tuesday, May 27, 2014

FC Galaxians! MayDay Melee & the beyond...

Good evening, Galaxians!

Just wanted to give a recap of the MayDay Melee, which was played this past Sunday by Galaxians and their friends.
I want to begin by thanking those that participated. Galaxians (Starting from right of photo) included Robert (me), Fermin, Gerson, Christian, Jose, and Gustavo. Those that joined us included Ramin, Daniel, Nick, & Sergio. These guys gave their all and put up with me shouting orders at them the entire morning. They really did good by the group.
The results consisted of 1 win and 3 losses. Considering that this was our first official time sharing a pitch together, we fought very well.
Our first game was a 3-1 victory.
After the first game, some of us were ready for round two. Others required some sideline treatment. The team had a tough time waiting for over two hours for our next match of the day. We stayed loose and talked tactics up until the next game.
We weren't able to win our other games. The second ended 1-2, the third 2-4, and the last 1-3. Injury kicked in and fatigue became a companion for many, but not one of the boys lost heart.
What does this mean for FC Galaxians, you might ask?
Although we did not get the result we sought, the team was more motivated to continue representing the Galaxians while donning the group's colors. We are going to continue holding practices on Saturday morning and we will seek other tournaments to be a part of.
If you are interested in joining, contact me via the Galaxians email account found to the right of this window! If you are interested in owning your very own FC Galaxian jersey, let me know!!!
The idea will be to continue representing the group and hopefully, all of you can come out to support us!
Before I end this, I want to shout out one more Thank you! This is to all Galaxians who helped fund the group's jerseys. These belong to the group (unless purchased individually) and really made us stand out. This effort wouldn't have been possible without your generous contributions!
As always, I encourage you all to continue support the Galaxians by donating.
As I led our squad in this tournament, and as I write this, one thing stayed in my mind:
Soy Galaxian! Galaxian Soy Yo!!!
Thank you again, everyone!!!

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