Friday, April 11, 2014

Donate to the Cause!

Fellow Galaxians!!!
I wanted to provide you with a detailed account of the two projects I am helping organize and that I hope you can help make these into a reality.
Currently, we are looking at getting a set of 9 Galaxians FC jerseys. As I have said before, the idea of investing in this effort is to ensure that the group can participate in charity events where our participation can help a good cause. These uniforms will promote the group while also exhibiting our pride in the group. My hope is to get a complete set in the near future.
The cost for each shirt comes out to a little over $20 but we are also customizing them in an effort to make them truly Galaxian! Thus, each shirt will cost more.

The other project I have been pushing for is a custom Galaxian EZ-Up shade device. I am sure you have seen other Supporter Groups with one of these at their tailgates: I ask you to consider what it would mean if we too had one that emphasized who we are and where we are.
The colors and our original (Old School) logo would be placed on the top with the word Galaxians in bold on the lower flaps of the tent. I have been actively seeking quotes for purposes of getting an idea of how much we, as a group, would need to raise in order to complete this project (sample image provided below).

The cost for the EZ-Up varies depending on the size we deem worthy of our needs.
Fellow Galaxians, the cost for the jerseys has come out to a little under $250. The cost for the EZ-UP will possibly fall between $1,000 - $1,200.
I don't have to do the math for you to give you an idea of the total cost for these two projects --- and there are other things the group has mentioned that are important too, such as investing in a new drum.

The fact is, there is not hurry to complete these projects. Consider these projects as long term goals for the group. There is plenty of time to raise the money, as a group, in order to complete both projects.
We have collected over $50 dollars so far.
Thank you to those who have supported our efforts to invest in these projects.
Galaxians --- your annual group dues and any donations you can provide will make these and future projects possible. Please donate and support these efforts everyone!!!
Thank you for your support and attention!
Vamos Galaxians!!!


  1. I still think its a waste to buy an E-Z up. I'd rather spend our meager funds on drums. I donated an E-Z UP which we can use until we get our treasury up in the future. We could just spray paint our logo. I know its an older EZ-up. It hadn't been used in years so might have been tough for the first time we used it.

  2. Linda, I am aware of your concern on the matter. As I stated before, my idea with this project was to create an objective --- an attainable one. Something that I feel we have never had in my time as a Galaxian.

    By collecting funds, we could potentially put the EZ-Up on hold and get those drums =)

    What does need to happen is a collaborative effort from the entire group --- that is the ultimate objective that I am working towards.

  3. I believe there's another event we as a group can volunteer. It was discussed at the last meeting. Claudia knows about it. There's a race and we can volunteer to man a water station or two. I believe the LAG sent info on joining and volunteers are "free" on the sign. up. Don't know whether to volunteer they way of just contact Sid. Do we have other volunteers?

    1. I think this is a fantastic effort and direction for the group to take.

      We need to further involve ourselves in community events so that we get the Galaxian name out there.


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